Owners Representation

In such instances where clients already have in place a construction team to execute a project but wish to have the added protection of a qualified consultant to ensure that they receive full value as defined by their contracts and trade practices, FSI will at a substantially reduced fee undertake this role.

In this role, FSI offers the following range of services on an as needed basis:

  • Preliminary design concept development participation
  • Architectural and Engineering methods & compliance review
  • Contractor screening and selection services
  • Bid review negotiation & recommendations
  • Value Engineering recommendations
  • Contract document development
  • Contract administration supervision
  • Review and make recommendations relative to change orders
  • Verification & approval of progress payments
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Quality control inspections & materials verification
  • Attend regularly scheduled project meetings
  • Monthly schedule analysis & recommendations
  • Regular project status reporting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Audits & cost-to-complete estimates
  • Punch list review & verification
  • Project completion documentation & closeout approval
  • and any other issue where the client wishes to have an independent advocate to protect the best interest of the client.

At FSI we take our fiduciary duties and obligations very literally and at all times treat our assignments as if every aspect of the project were our own.